Naruto Manga 629 Kuramas Chakra

Naruto manga 629 will be posted here when Naruto chapter 629 scans is out!
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naruto chapter 629

naruto chapter 629

How is that ? naruto controlling the chakara he gave to everyone and saving them, obito and kakashi disappearing , Madara feeling the chakara of hashirama and the epic final spread with the juubi raging ( or tranforming ) how is any of this ” old “. You know it’s a bad chapter, when Obito is around. You also know it’s a boring chapter, when it’s only Naruto and Obito talking about the same shit over and over again.

That was most definitely not worth the wait. Half of the chapter was Naruto doing his friendship spiel again. Maybe next week is going to be more interesting or entertaining. Too many dialogues and less progress. It looks like we still need to wait another long week to see if the Hokages are finally going to have an appearance in the Shinobi War.

We see naruto control kuramas chakra on a massive scale, we see an epic rape face of madara, we see some really good art this chapter, and at the end we see the juubi clear the map with a nature style map, yep I seen all of this before…


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