Naruto 624 Prediction Jutsu

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naruto 624 chapter

naruto 624 chapter

It’s Tobirama. I don’t think he kills Izuna. What’s the point in killing an Uchiha that can’t even see anymore? I doubt Tobirama even bothered with Izuna when he saw that he had no eyes. Also, Tobirama does have the same values as Hashirama. He just follows what his father and leader tells him. He’s just authoritative.

From my understand, Madara and Hashirama fight each other after they already forming the village. Why can’t Madara know any experiment of the village? Or in case, they fight before Tobirama invent ET, Uchiha clan still be in the village, why can’t Madara gather any info from the clan? I don’t think Tobirama is the only one who invent the jutsu, there should be a group of many men to invent many jutsu.

In other words Tobirama thinks before he speaks Hashirama the exact opposite … yes Tobirama is more drastic with his thinking but I wouldn’t say he would blindly follow his father … Like Madara said “you need to be powerful to be listened” and that is IMO Tobirama’s approach (or would an approach when comes to his father).